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Early Childhood Center

Early Childhood Center

Who we are:

Farber Hebrew Day School- Yeshivat Akiva’s Early Childhood Center provides a developmentally appropriate play based, child driven program.  Our loving and dedicated staff emphasizes the importance of the whole child — socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically and spiritually.  Our curriculum is guided by the principle that children learn best by being actively involved in their environment.  Our teachers create classrooms that provide many opportunities for children to explore, experiment and discover in an environment that supports independent and inquisitive learners.  

Farber does accept Michigan Department of Health and Human Services money. 

Our Values in action:

Farber’s Core Values drive the school curriculum, environment and culture.  Basic precepts such as respect for others (כבוד הבריות), kindness, being a constructive member of a community (אחריות), tzedakah and practicing mitzvot (עבודת ה) are integrated into daily routines and interactive play.  We emphasize the Torah as a blueprint for living an authentic Jewish life, which includes modeling and reinforcing Middot and mitzvot and cherishing Israel as our homeland (מדינת ישראל).  

At the preschool age, we integrate all of our learning together into a multi-disciplinary whole (תורה וחכמה). For example, when learning about the story of Noach and the Ark, we may also explore topics such as the animal kingdom (with a petting zoo), counting by 2’s, sinking and floating, rain, flooding, transportation, rainbows and Hebrew vocabulary. 

Field trips and visitors are ways we enhance our program.  We choose destinations and visitors that are relevant to our areas of study.  We participate in a weekly Shabbat Sing-Along and a song-and-movement program.  

What we do:

  • Promote self-esteem and confidence
  • Aim to increase independence in meeting and solving problems through cooperation and other pro-social behavior
  • Form positive Jewish identity by exposing the children to Jewish culture and traditions through music and holiday celebrations.
  • Provide opportunities for large and small motor development through classroom activities
  • Promote language development 
  • Develop fantasy play that facilitates imagination, ideas and creative thinking process
  • Help the child separate from the family and learn to enjoy the classroom social group.  
  • Have our social worker present lessons in the classrooms to encourage the expression of all feelings, such as fear, anger, and happiness, in acceptable ways to develop positive qualities such as the capacity for fun, humor and optimism.


Our Early Childhood Center is open from 8:30-3:30 .
We offer different options to meet the varying needs of our families.

  • 3 or 5 half-day options 8:30-12:00 for our Toddler and N2 programs
  • 3 or 5 full day option 8:30-3:30 for our Toddler and N2 programs

We also offer Early Care Arrival Options (7:45 am-8:30 am) and Latchkey Options (3:30-5:30 pm).


For any questions, please contact: Ellen Berlin

(248) 386-1625 X 103 or Ellen.Berlin@farberhds.org

Who we serve and our class size:

We offer programming for the youngest students to Nursery 4. We maintain small class sizes to ensure students receive what they need. Click on the program titles below to view full curriculum.

Part-time or full time options for those turning one by September 1 with a ratio of one caregiver to 4 students

Nursery 2
Part-time or full time options for those turning two by September 1 with a ratio of one caregiver to 4 students

Nursery 3
Full time for those turning three by September 1 with a ratio of one caregiver to 10 students

Nursery 4 (Pre-Kindergarten)
Full time for those turning four by September 1 with a ratio of one caregiver to 12 students