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Educational Support Services

Educational Support Services


Our Educational Support Service (ESS) staff of seven certified teachers works directly with students who have a diagnosis of Executive Functioning challenges, Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and other impairments that affect academic and/or social emotional domains. Students are taught skills that will help them become successful learners and members of their community.  These skills can be used in a variety of settings.  In the Early Childhood Center (ECC) and Elementary Divisions, students may receive one-on-one or small group support outside of their home classroom and/or receive push-in services where assistance is provided to the student in their home classroom, allowing us to meet the needs of each student in the least restrictive environment. In the Middle School, ESS teachers are available to support students and teachers in their classrooms when needed.   Additionally, qualifying elementary and middle school-aged students have the ability to stay after school with a certified special education teacher to assist with homework or skill building. We also collaborate with local school systems and outside agencies for qualifying students to receive auxiliary services (such as speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy).

At the secondary level, the support model has two tiers of service. Students who require more direct services are given a daily pull-out class that focuses on teaching skills around time management, organization, as well as reading and studying strategies. During this class, ESS teachers address the academic challenges of the learners and remediate/support them in both their secular and Judaic subjects. For students that do not require the daily assistance of the study skills class, our ESS staff members support these students using a teacher consultant model.  ESS staff check students’ academic performance in their classes, consult with their teachers to make sure students are performing well in class, and meet with these students weekly or as needed to make sure that they are getting appropriate support.

Our department’s goal is to assist students to become independent learners who will be able to navigate higher level education successfully, and we can share with pride that this goal is met the greater majority of the time!

Social Work Services

Farber Hebrew Day School has two full-time social workers assisting our students in the Early Childhood Center through High School. Our social workers offer age-appropriate programs for students that address issues that students face at various developmental stages, including team building skills, role playing, and group activity social skills.

Farber Hebrew Day School implements the Safety Kid Program developed by Magen Yeladim International and spearheaded by our social workers, to prevent abuse in the school, at home, and in partner relationships. Our weekly  High School Advisory Program provides a forum for students to discuss sensitive topics with our advisory teachers and social workers including stress management, sexual harassment, online bullying, and appropriate social media use.