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Sara Rivka Friedman Elementary Division

Elementary Division at Farber

During the years in the Farber Sara Rivka Friedman Elementary Division, our children are taught to be students. Their confidence grows as they learn self-advocacy, respect for education and how to communicate. During these years, our students become mentsches, friends and avid learners.

Our Elementary School is a warm, caring, vibrant house of learning where our Farber family thrives.

The foundation of this family relationship is forged in the elementary grades, and are reinforced and strengthened all the way through high school. Central to this foundation is a love of Torah, Israel, and the Hebrew language. Our teachers emphasize the importance of both religious and secular studies, and give children the fundamentals to succeed at both.

By the end of Fifth Grade, students are prepared to handle more rigorous instruction. They leave their self-contained elementary school classes, and progress to the varied subjects, teachers, and schedules of middle school.