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Hebrew Immersion

Bishvil HIvrit is a program that brings Hebrew alive with written and digital media, reaching over 15,000 students in some 120 schools worldwide. It is a dynamic, multi-dimensional way of teaching and learning Hebrew for students in Grades 6-12. This program cultivates all aspects of Hebrew language learning including grammar and content, conversation and literature, poetry and songs, biblical texts as well as current events.  Farber Hebrew Day School has a full-time NETA instructor who oversees the implementation of the Bishvil HIvrit  curriculum and guides our Hebrew teachers in program training and lesson development.

ITalam is a digital blended learning environment based on the successful Talam program, a Hebrew language and Jewish heritage curriculum for Grades 1-4. ITalam transformed the Talam print program into an engaging, interactive, personalized and adaptive digital experience. ITalam is committed to Zionist-Jewish learning in Hebrew. The curriculum uses songs presented with animation, books with full digital animation, riddle books and search books, educational videos, as well as learning games that enable students to review and gain a deeper understanding of the Hebrew language.

Our youngest students (Nursery through Kindergarten) are introduced to Ivrit through songs, stories, games and vocabulary related to the Jewish holidays, seasons of the year, parts of the body and Hebrew nursery rhymes. Our Kindergarteners also begin learning the AlephBet and how to read Hebrew.