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Israel Guidance

Guide for Yeshiva/Seminary

In order to assist students and parents throughout this exciting yet sometimes overwhelming process, we have prepared this page to help provide information and assistance for all of the common and critical issues that may arise along the way during the application and pre-Israel process. Our entire Judaic Studies staff will available to help assist you in any way that we can. But, as with the college application process, students need to be proactive in their own information gathering, and applications. If you have any questions, please email our Israel Guidance Counselor Rabbi Noam Stein at Noam.Stein@farberhds.org

Please visit soon to see the answers to questions such as:

-Why should I spend a year learning in Israel after high school?

-What types of questions should I be asking of the visiting yeshivot/seminaries?

-What are programs that students from Akiva and schools like it generally attend?

-How do I find out about a yeshiva/seminary?

-How can we afford this?

-How do I get a cell phone?