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Farber Hebrew Day School teachers use the latest technology to enhance and improve the delivery and quality of education. Faculty members across all grade levels and subjects embrace the integration of technology in a variety of ways in both the learning process and in curricular content.

Students and teachers take advantage of our access to current devices, tools, and software. Farber offers 1:1 Chromebooks in grades K-8 and the high school has a “bring your own device” program. New in the 2021-2022 school year are SMART Board Interactive Displays. Elementary students receive dedicated technology instruction during weekly classes while middle and high school students’ technology learning is integrated via Project Based Learning and other modes within the classroom.

Students are given a solid foundation as well as ongoing instruction in the following technology skill areas: device use; navigation, interaction, and research; productivity, creativity, and communication; and digital citizenship. Beginning in the early elementary grades, students regularly utilize tools from G Suite for Education (such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and more). Teachers frequently seek out opportunities for students to engage with digital content to supplement traditional material, participate in interactive and collaborative online activities, and use technology to increase personalization and engagement in learning.

Farber Hebrew Day School’s Informational Technology and Educational Technology team supports technology implementation and integration throughout the school, providing training and guidance while collaborating on innovations with faculty. A primary goal is to connect teachers–and by extension, students– to tools and resources they can use to enrich their teaching and learning.

FHDS uses Rediker as its Student Management System. Rediker allows students and parents to be informed of grades, assignments, and relevant calendar events. Communications between teachers and students, from whole-class reminders to individualized and particular information, is another feature of Rediker. Teachers track student performance, take attendance, and manage, virtually, all aspects of their classroom record keeping through Rediker.

FHDS is a CIPA compliant institution.