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Israel Connection

Israel Connection

Sherut Leumi Program

As an important component of the Farber experience, we view our connection with Israel as an integral part of our program. In place of actually taking our students to Israel, we do the next best thing: We bring the flavor of Israel to Farber.

In Israel, all 18-year-olds must serve their country in some capacity. Most do army service, but there are those who choose other ways of serving Israel and the Jewish people. This is called the Sheirut Le’umi (National Service) program, which connects young women to Diaspora communities. These Bnot Sheirut work in those communities where they are assigned, build greater awareness of our ancestral homeland and provide other services within the host school.

The Sheirut girls provide tutoring services within the school, informal education on Israel and Chagim and work for Bnei Akiva. Their presence in the school provides an authentic Israeli flavor to every event as well as everyday schedules.

Farber brings two young women each year as part of the Sheirut Le’umi program to work in our school and provide us with a taste of Israel.


For several years, Farber has worked very closely with the Jewish Agency (Sochnut) to maintain a presence within the school and the community of professional Israeli educators. To this end, two or three families have joined the Farber family for a period of two-three years to inspire and educate our students.

While these shlichim (representatives of Israel) hold regular classes, and follow their own schedules like any other teacher, their involvement with informal education is profound. In addition to setting up and running programs within the school, they also typically run community programs and educational classes/activities.

Finally, their presence helps maintain the Israeli flavor in our school. They are involved in any program run for Israel (e.g. Yom Ha’atzmaut, Yom Yerushalayim, etc.), and remain strong advocates for Torat Eretz Yisrael (the special flavor of Torah studied in Israel).

Israel Guidance

Close to 100 percent of Farber graduates choose to spend their post-high school year in a yeshiva in Israel. Our Israel Guidance counselor, who works closely with our College Guidance counselor, meets with each student in the 12th grade to dialogue about school choice. Assistance is provided throughout the application process.

Representatives from Israel schools are invited to present their programs and interview students onsite at Farber. Juniors are invited to join the Senior class during presentations so that they can begin to consider their post-high school options.

For more information, please visit our Israel Guidance Page.