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Why Detroit? WhyFarber?

Why Detroit? Why Farber?

If you are tired of paying East Coast prices, half your salary on tuition, the other half in Shul membership while spending hours upon hours commuting to and from work – it’s time consider thinking outside the tri-state area box. It’s time to consider metro-Detroit.

Detroit is the nation’s comeback city – but its Orthodox Jewish Community is far from “comeback” material. Well established, engaged and inviting, Detroit is one of the country’s most committed orthodox communities with favorable cost of living, minimal commute time, a robust job market and at its core, a Modern Orthodox school that offers Early Childhood through High School programming.

With over 6 Orthodox communities, dozens of synagogues, 5 Orthodox Schools (Farber being the only Modern Orthodox School) several Mikvaot, kosher restaurants and grocery stores, numerous Jewish amenities and vibrant, active community programming Detroit has all the components for a thriving Jewish community in one of the most exciting come-back stories of the 21st century.

Although we are recognized as a growing, energized city receiving great international acclaim for our emerging art community, research and development across many industries and strong communal network, it is the quality of life Detroit offers that places us on the top of “greatest cities to live” list.

If you believe in comebacks – and if you are looking to make your mark in an affordable, family-friendly inviting community with a strong Modern Orthodox presence, join us and be a part of Detroit’s great success story.

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