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Frequently Asked Questions


The hours of the Early Childhood Center are: 8:15 to 3:30 Monday through Thursday, with an optional half-day pick up at 12:00 noon for students in Nursery classes. (Early care is available beginning at 7:45am) Friday (spring & summer) dismissal begins at 3:00, winter dismissal begins at 2:00.

Elementary, Middle School and High School begin promptly at 8:00am and Elementary and Middle School ends at 3:40 p.m. on a “normal” day and High School ends at 4:30 p.m.

Early Fridays during the winter and once a month on Wednesdays (for teacher professional development meetings), the school closes at 2:10 p.m. ES, MS & HS students are encouraged to be dropped off by 7:50 a.m. to allow them time to get organized.

Supervised Early Care is available at 7:45 a.m. for Nursery – Kindergarten students. All other students can be dropped off at 7:45 a.m. and proceed to their classrooms.
A supervised latchkey program is available for all students after school for an additional cost. Please contact Ellen Berlin for further information.

Hot lunch is available three days a week. A dairy lunch is offered two days a week and a meat lunch is offered once. Students are allowed to bring their own kosher dairy or parve lunches. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they have the option of bringing a meat lunch. Separate tables are set up for students eating meat. Cutlery, straws, napkins, cups and bowls available for all students.

Students in First – 5th grade have recess in the morning and afternoon for 10 minutes and a longer recess at lunch. A total of three recesses a day provides a much needed break and fresh air for our youngest students. 6th -12th Grade has planned breaks throughout the day.

Athletics include boys and girls’ basketball, soccer, and cross-country. Other sports, including tennis and baseball, depend on interest and availability. All students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports. All students have structured gym classes one or two times a week depending on their grade.

A supply list is available on our website (links) for ECC – 5th grade. Middle School and High School students receive instructions on what they need to purchase from individual teachers the first week of school. All books are supplied by the school. Some teachers request students to purchase specific resources, such as Hebrew/English dictionary

Each year a Parent Directory is supplied to all parents. Class lists are handed out at the beginning of the school year.

In the beginning of the year, the PTO will send out information on ways you can get involved in a variety of programs they offer and they are always searching for hot lunch volunteers! Your child’s classroom teacher may also ask for volunteers in the classroom and on field trips.

The building is outfitted with SmartBoards in each classroom, a laptop for each teacher, and Chromebooks available for each student. The building has robust wifi access so that hundreds of users can use computers at the same time.

The ECC and Kindergarten have a weather appropriate dress code, and we ask that all boys wear a kipah and tzitzit beginning in Nursery 4.

In 1st – 5th Grade, Boys and girls are required to wear a solid  colored  shirt with a collar.  The shirts cannot have words, pictures or ornaments on the front or back.  A small insignia will be allowed as long as it is smaller than the size of a quarter. Sleeve length should be at mid-bicep or longer; no cap sleeves are allowed. Boys must wear a kipah and tzitzit at all times. For further details on the specifics of the dress code, please click here.

Beginning in 6th grade, students have a dress code, rather than a specific uniform. Students are allowed to wear a variety of color shirts, as long as there are no pictures or words. Boys’ shirts must have collars. Boys can wear black, dark blue, navy, gray or khaki pants (no jeans). Girls may wear a variety of non form-fitting skirts as long as there are no slits, and it cover their knees when sitting or standing. For details on the upper school dress code, please click here.

Yes, we have two full-time social workers, who meet with students to solve problems, deal with big feelings, and run social-emotional programming. Creating an environment of emotional safety and well-being is a crucial part of what we do at Farber.

We do not turn away any child for financial reasons. We use a very user friendly program called FACTS on-line to collect information regarding your family’s financial situation. From there, we are able to determine eligibility for tuition assistance. The entire process is highly confidential, and administrators and teachers are not privy to who receives financial assistance. The FACTS forms are accessible on our website.

All of our Admissions forms are available and completed through online forms. There will also be forms available for download that you will need to fill out, such as medical forms, transcript release forms, etc. and you will need to provide the school with a copy of your child’s birth certificate. Depending on your child’s age, the process may include a shadow visit and age appropriate screening. Our Admissions Director, Andrea Strosberg (andrea.strosberg@farberhds.org) will walk you through the details of the Admissions process.